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Radio Titans: Greatest Hits

Jul 14, 2018

Politics in today’s America is pretty crazy. Fewer and fewer people like politics and literally no one likes those involved in politics. 
That is why America needs Will Durst. He brings all of us a breath of fresh air as he talks politics because as he talks about it he makes us smile and laugh and relax. Known by some as the “modern Will Rogers” Will has been at this for better than thirty years. He knew in his childhood that he wanted to be a funny guy making people laugh. He has been on every major talk show on television and radio and each time he makes us think, makes us listen to his message and, as we are saying over and over again – he makes us laugh. He follows that heritage and fits right in with a long list of satirists from Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, Dick Gregory and others as the people who show us a different side in the serious business of how we shape, manage this delegate experiment of democracy. 
From his laugh out loud reflections on the world of the baby boomer to his jibes at every politician from Clinton to Bush to Obama to Bush to the gang of we lost count on the Republican Presidential candidates Will goes for the jugular. In this episode of “The Campaign with Ernie Powell on Ratio Titans” Will and Ernie talk about humor and its roll of keeping us not only enlightened but also sane in this time of conflict and hard fought nasty partisanship