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Radio Titans: Greatest Hits

Jul 14, 2018

Robert Scheer joins Ernie Powell for an incredibly interesting, relevant and vibrant interview on everything from the Constitution and the current risks we face through the loss of our privacy, to living in the Great Depression in the vibrant and hopeful New York City neighborhood of the Bronx in the 1930′s and 40′s, to how a good solid progressive feels about baseball.
Ernie walked away from this nearly 90-minute talk with Scheer knowing that there is one thing that keeps us whole and solid as we fight for justice, equality and peace in this very complex world. That one thing is the remarkable document called the United States Constitution which protects our privacy and enables us to speak, organize, fight and agitate.
Powell later said to his producer Carl Kozlowski, “I did not interview Robert Scheer today, I sat and watched the living embodiment of the 2nd and 4th amendments. This man, gets it in ways that we all need to get it. Robert Scheer is an American legend and to listen to him is to learn every value and ethic an organizer and citizen of this country needs.”
If there was ever a learning opportunity, this interview offers it. Scheer is a gift to a country that yearns for authenticity and clarity. So, listen closely and learn. Listen closely and act. Listen closely and thank what ever or who ever you pray to for a constitution that gives us the means to fight for what is right and gives us the opportunity to have a Robert Scheer to tell us why it is all worth it and why it is all possible.